I have known Bethany for a couple years. She is a creative, high energy person with great leadership instincts and a magnetic personality. She has exceptional networking skills and a deep desire for learning. Her perceptions of others is highly advanced, and she displays very high emotional intelligence. If you have an opportunity to work with Bethany or have her on your team, jump at the chance. You will be rewarded.

 - Bob Whipple, CEO, Leadergrow


Bethany is vibrant, thorough, diplomatic, conscientious, meticulous, organized, creative, brave and has an uncanny ability to connect with people. Add a huge dose of initiative, integrity and a desire to make a big splash in this world. She’s funny and sparkles with life. She’s the kind of person that not only lights up a room, but people gravitate to her when they enter the room she’s in. I suppose some people are like this because they have never encountered any hardships. For Bethany, I believe she glows because of experiences and her decisions to embrace challenges and change. It's hard to describe a remarkable woman in a paragraph…

-Amy Kauffman, CEO, Givily


Bethany is one of the most delightfully persistent sales and marcom pros I've met. She's an eager learner, open to new ideas, and just plain fun to be around. If your organization needs someone who brings a strong package of professionalism, upbeat personality and drive to succeed, Bethany should be your first choice.

- Jeffrey Halik APR. Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development, The Bonadio Group