34 Things you can accomplish in 5 minutes or less!

People waste time because they think they don’t have enough of it to get anything worthwhile done. So why bother to start at all?

Well to give you an idea of the productivity you are capable of, here’s a list of items you can accomplish in 5 minutes or less. 1. Put makeup on 2. Shave 3. Brush your teeth 4. Put in a load of laundry 5. Iron a shirt 6. Write a note 7. Make a phone call 8. Read a chapter in a book 9. Load the dishwasher 10. Take a shower (okay that may be pushing it for some) 11. Scrub the toilet 12. Make a salad 13. Clean out car/purse or a drawer 14. Make your bed 15. Sweep a room 16. Update and throw out old food in your refrigerator 17. Watch a TED talk 18. Do 25 squats 19. Take your vitamins 20. Put on sunscreen 21. Fold a basket of laundry 22. Take the dog or kid for a walk 23. Have a cup of coffee/Tea

24. Learn a new vocabulary word

25. Memorize a scripture verse

26. Clean out your desk or cubicle (depends on how often you’ve done this) 27. Clean out your email inbox 28. Organize your computer desktop 29. Write in your journal 30. Read a chapter of your bible 31. Make a prayer list 32. Review your list of goals and do an action step from there 33. Vacuum a room 34. Weed the garden

Here’s a suggestion; why don’t you set a task and timer for yourself and see what you can accomplish in just 5 short minutes. After you’ve done that once, rinse and repeat. You’ll soon be flying through your seemingly insurmountable work load.