Why I’m Excited About The Idea of Lego’s

The other day I found myself in The Lego Store. It looked exactly like a candy store with the brightly colored Legos in containers built into the wall. The design of the store was modern, with clean lines and brightly colored walls. Their were glass cases  displaying everything from Lego key chains to model airplanes. 

There were many adults happily spending money on these Legos. To think that they originated as toys, but were now collector’s items!

I was struck, not by the seemingly frivolous use of money for these plastic trinkets, but rather, by the realization that we are a privileged society to even have the opportunity to do this!

We are privileged to have hobbies. When people have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, there is very little time, energy or inclination to develop hobbies unrelated to basic survival.   Building a Star Wars Lego robot might be dreamed of, but never created.

These things exist because we’ve been blessed with the ability to pursue things that we truly enjoy. Those things which add distinction and definition to each of us.

Every person has basic needs. When those have been met, however, we all enjoy different hobbies or pastimes. We are a rich society. Not just because we have more than enough food, but because we have the ability to choose, and pursue our own weird interests. What wonderful options and opportunities we have! Stop by The Lego Store sometime, Why? Because it exists and you can! Also that robot is quite the engineering feat :)