The monster in the closet

Fear is a strong motivator and a strong paralyzer. We don’t want to live a life without fears, because that means we aren’t doing anything difficult or world changing. We want to learn to live with those fears, and to recognize that we have them, but not allow them to overtake our lives or paralyze us from action. Our fears are irrational and yet still convincing.

When you face your fears, instead of allowing them to hide and lurk in the corners of your mind. When you bring them out, state them, tell someone else, then they start to shrink. They start to seem silly and trivial. The monster in the closet is there, but always smaller than you imagined :)

Because your mind runs away with you, that terrible conversation you have to have, always goes better than you thought it would. Your imagination can be wild and is unconcerned with fact.

So bring out your fears, examine them with your logical brain instead of allowing them to play on your emotions. You will be able to see the truth and falsehood behind the fears and you will be able to deal with them.  You won't get rid of fear completely, but you will recognize and acknowledge those fears and choose to move forward anyways.