A prism reflects sunlight and sends it shooting off in every direction. It channels the beauty and brilliance of the sun and then redistributes it.

A clear, easy lesson for us...

We should be like prisms of God’s love- Receiving it and sending it out in as many directions as possible to create a glorious display for the world to experience.

Give and Take

Sometimes you give love - sometimes you reciprocate affection already offered Sometimes you give gifts - sometimes you appreciate as you receive them

Sometimes you serve - sometimes you say thank you as you’re served.

Both sides of the equation are important but one has to come before the other. My hope is that you take initiative to create more love and joy in the world while still benefitting from what’s already there.

You can't run...

We are each locked inside our own personal cage of fear. Fear that “I’m not worthy, or not enough. Fear that I’ll miss out, that I won’t be loved, that I’ll fail” These fears are self imposed and self destructive. They will hold you back more than any circumstance.

  • Fear is powerful. It can lock you up for years. Many souls that were once brimming with potential are now leading lives of quiet desperation sitting paralyzed in their cages of self doubt.
  • Fear is the opposite of love. (not hate: hate is a manifestation of fear) fear will rob you of your ability to love.
  • Fear is deadly. It will stifle your purpose and kill your dreams.

You can’t run from your fear, but you can fight it. Don’t remain a prisoner to fear any longer. An unfulfilled life is a cost too great.

The world's only...

The pink star diamond. One of the world's rarest gems. Worth 8.2 million. Clearly rare things are valuable, we all know that.

But did you ever stop to think that you're the rarest of all?

You're the only one in the world! The only person with your exact experiences, personality, feelings, and outlook on life. You’re the only one with your precise handprint, facial structure and form.

So if you are extremely rare, and rare is valuable... then well,

you. are. priceless.


Someone else's vision should not be limited to what you think is possible. We can’t put restrictions on the future. Anything our human mind can dream up, is possible, we just have to find a way.

So don’t miss the opportunity to believe in other people’s dreams, and when they become a reality, you will have had the privilege of helping to create and support that vision.

Would you just try?

Pushing a weighted sled at the gym, with 585 lbs on it, wasn't what I woke up that morning to do. In fact I was just going to get in a quick workout and leave. But my trainer friend had other ideas for me... so as I was struggling with the weight, digging my heels in, and straining every muscle to move, I heard a "wow I could never do that" from a fellow gym person. Something clicked in my brain. Like the last piece of a puzzle, locking in perfectly; for a moment I wouldn't forget.

I never could have done that either.... except I tried.  

Things become impossible, only when you decide that they are. I opened up my mind to the possibility that my slender frame could indeed move that weight, and I asked myself -Can I do this? My answer was "maybe, let me try" the result was a feeling of elation as I surprised even myself when I could and did.

The simplest truths are often the most profound, and we don't give them justice. "You can't unless you try" is a cliche that lost its novelty a long time ago, yet we still haven't learned the truth from it.

You are capable of SO much, but you will never know the extent of that, unless you explore the outer edges of "impossible".

Do something that feels unconquerable, put your heart into it. Give yourself an opportunity to prove what you can do.

Half Alive

We half heartedly do our jobs, go to school, attend church. We don't even try to be inspired. We see most of life as a drudgery to be escaped, when it's actually a privilege to be enjoyed! Living is a verb. It's active. Don't deaden yourself with night after night of sitcoms and too many beers. Life is special, exciting and wonderful, there are experiences to be had, things to create and people to bless. Open your eyes to the possibilities, count your blessings, do something worthwhile, and live completely alive!

Better choices, better results

There are good or bad consequences to every action however small. After eating a cookie or jogging a mile, you won’t see immediate results. However each of those cookies and each of those steps in your sneakers were moving you (however slowly) towards or away from something. Towards health or away from it. Each and every choice we make moves us closer or further from our desired lifestyle or character. My guess is that if we had the foresight to make every decision based on future consequences of that decision, we would all make better choices.

What do you see?

Walt Disney was no longer alive when Disney World in Orlando Florida opened it's doors. Someone remarked to the creative director Mike Vance "It's too bad Walt never got to see Disney World"

Mike replied "Oh but he did see it. That's why it's here" 

Instead of merely seeing reality, a visionary acknowledges reality but sees something greater. He sees the possibilities. More important than what is there, is what could be. Instead of an abandoned shed, he sees a bustling coffee shop, that old cornfield is a water park full of screaming children; that deadbeat guy is the next world class boxer, that ghost town, a thriving metropolis.

It takes courage to see life this way and break free from the restraints of what is true now, to what could be reality.

Given one day, what would you do?

You are given a day in your life. Just one. That's all you get. You can do anything, say anything, and be anything. Use your imagination.

Some people given that one day will go to exotic locations and have amazing experiences. They will pack into that one day as many happy and wonderful things they can think of. They will entertain themselves, and amaze themselves and do and see everything they've ever dreamed of.

While others would take that same day to...

To say the things that have never been said, to give whatever they could, to invent, to love, to impact. And to forever change the lives of those around them.

And how would you use that day?

Circling back

Has someone offered  you advice recently? If a colleague has spent time coaching you or giving you solutions to a problem, the best way to thank him is to circle back. Let him know how you took his advice, what happened from it, and what you accomplished. if you show him that you followed through and his words made a difference, he will be quite pleased to continue providing wisdom because he's able to see the value he provided.

A simple "thank you" is easy enough, but remember to also show proof that what he did actually helped you

Leading up

When you “lead up” you haven’t been given the title, the permission or the responsibility to lead. What you’ve done is you’ve taken initiative. You have voluntarily shouldered the responsibility, and you’ve given yourself the permission. You lead regardless of whether it’s your job.

Leading isn’t easy or fun. But you do it anyways. Not for recognition or rapport. But for those people that need you to step up. For the work that needs your expertise. And for yourself so at the end of the day, you know you gave the best you were capable of.

You lead because that’s who you are, whether your business card says it or not.

You are a leader

Just Be

Don’t wait for others to accept or acknowledge who you are. Don’t look to others to define your worth, to tell you that you have value and something to contribute.

Don't allow "them" to define how funny, clever or beautiful you are.

Just be.

Be funny, be beautiful.

Know you’re value, and give yourself permission to be more than others say you can be.

Don't fool yourself

Part 1. "Be brutally honest with your present circumstances and wildly unrealistic about your future."Thanks to Jon Acuff for this quote that I've been thinking about. I want to break it down into two parts. The second part will come later this week.

"Be brutally honest about your present circumstances:"

We can all agree that if we don’t know our present circumstances it would be difficult to change them. Unfortunately, we can easily practice self deception where we fool ourselves into believing we're better than we actually are, and lull ourselves into a false sense of security. This is harmful because not only do we not have a clear picture of where we actually are, we also aren't motivated to change because we've convinced ourselves that everything is pretty much okay.  This is dangerous. Change happens only once you recognize there's a problem, that's the first step. So don't lie to yourself, the only person it hurts is you.

Don't rationalize your dreams

Part 2. "Be brutally honest with your present circumstances and wildly unrealistic about your future."

Thanks to Jon Acuff for this quote that I've been thinking about.

"Be wildly unrealistic about your future. "

We've been taught not to dream too big, not to expect to ever be more than what we already are. We plan and "dream" about having a good corporate job but wouldn't dare to think we could be anything beyond that.

The truth is, we are capable of much more than we allow ourselves think. We can reach seemingly impossible goals, and fulfill our dreams. It will take a lot to get there, but it's possible. "Anything's possible"

But greatness doesn't happen by chance.  It is chased, and planned for and dreamed about.

If you never try to get there or even THINK of getting there, you certainly won’t. So be honest about where you are at presently, but dream big about where you can be.

We have to allow ourselves to dream

What we have to learn to do is separate ourselves from our present circumstances and where we want to be. We have to isolate our dreams and realize it will take a lot of work to get there, but it is possible for us to do amazing things.

If you never dream big, then you have most DEFINITELY cut yourself off from ever doing anything big.