I can’t? Or I haven’t?

I thought I couldn’t tie a balloon. Until yesterday. What changed? Well there was no one else around to tie the balloon for me, and so I figured it out.

How often do we say “I can’t” instead of “I haven’t yet.” It wasn’t that I couldn’t tie a balloon (obviously) it was that I hadn’t ever needed to.

When there are silly things that we should know how to do, but we haven’t learned yet. Instead of saying “cant” say, “I haven’t had the opportunity to learn that or I haven’t mastered that yet”

Using can’t is an improper use of the English language. Think about it. If someone asked you whether you had skydived before, you wouldn’t say “ I can’t skydive” you would say “I’ve never been skydiving” How would you know if you could do it, if you have never tried, or even if you have tried, its very rare that you physically can’t, you just haven’t mastered it yet.

The simple switch of how you say things can impact your thinking dramatically and help you to be more positive about your own abilities.