Who are those people?

Who are your champions? Who supports you? Your dreams, principles, lifestyle, goals. We all need people that believe in us. The people we can come to with a crazy dream, and they will be excited to help make it happen. Who has unwavering confidence in you? Who will stand by your side through any endeavor, believing that you can accomplish your goals? Who are they? Who are those people? Because you owe them the world.

Your world. 

To-Do Lists

I’ve always been the queen of the ‘To-do’ list, and figured I had a good system since I could furiously cross items off my list.Yet I noticed an interesting pattern in my life. I did indeed complete whatever went on my list. The only problem was, I never actually finished the list. (for me that was torturous because I love the feeling of completion.) Every day I would jump out of bed ready to tackle my list, and at the end of the day, I would either have added new things, or still have pending projects. So I would transfer everything to a clean sheet of paper and start over the next day. I was never done.

So I started scheduling. Instead of  having a constant running list of things that needed to be done, I would put projects on my calendar. They had a specific date assigned to them, so I didn't have them on my list and I didn't need to worry about them until that day.

This saved me a lot of stress because I stopped feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things I wanted to accomplish. Now I can actually finish my entire day’s work and rest knowing that I completed what I set out to do. It’s a great feeling!

Average or Extraordinary. What do you choose?

The definition of Ordinary is as follows: Of no exceptional ability, degree, or quality; Average. Average is an excuse. Don't take it.

We have the ability to accomplish great things. There is no limit to what we can inspire, create, discover, connect, learn and change.

Those are extraordinary gifts and abilities that we were given to cultivate and share. It doesn't matter what your interest or pursuit is, what matters is your dedication to using those gifts to better yourself and others. Don't choose to live an average life. Choose to be extraordinary, choose to be excellent.