It's time to celebrate!

Celebrating our achievements is important. It encourages and motivates us to keep on striving! While It’s natural for us to be excited about accomplishments we sometimes feel bad talking about it because others can think it's self promotion. But sharing your success story with others is a huge part of celebrating. So find friends that you can share your accomplishments with. Establish that you aren’t bragging or one-upping them. Create a place where its okay to tell yourself that you did a good job, and to share that with someone else.

Those moments of celebration can help to motivate future achievement. Success builds on success and every time that happens we should stop to recognize it.

Fame and Self Discipline

Why is it that society applaudes great singers, actors and athletes? What are they famous for? Yes often, it's for what they produce, the spectacular shows, films and demonstrations of physical prowess. But what we should be recognizing is their self discipline. Every area of their life they scrutinized and made sure were in line with their goals. Now these should not be our role models, but we can learn a few things from them.

  •  Great achievements require hard work and dedication.
  • Without having goals its impossible to reach them.
  • Without determination, and a disciplined life, success is rare.