Half Alive

We half heartedly do our jobs, go to school, attend church. We don't even try to be inspired. We see most of life as a drudgery to be escaped, when it's actually a privilege to be enjoyed! Living is a verb. It's active. Don't deaden yourself with night after night of sitcoms and too many beers. Life is special, exciting and wonderful, there are experiences to be had, things to create and people to bless. Open your eyes to the possibilities, count your blessings, do something worthwhile, and live completely alive!

Active vs passive fun

Active fun engages your brain with problem solving (puzzles) or it develops a talent like drawing or a skill like skateboarding. it involves your muscles and your intellect. It requires you to focus, to be present and to think. It involves achievement and with group activities, cooperation.

Passive fun is where you are being entertained. Someone else is creating the fun and you are just watching. ie sports, movies, or surfing the internet.  You aren’t required to have skill or to participate or to engage any mental faculties at all. All you are have to do is observe.

Sometimes you need to completely disengage and just passively be entertained, but I think we could all add more active, creative fun into our lives and still feel refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards.