Why work is NOT a necessary evil

Everyone dreams of avoiding work, but work is where we find fulfillment! To create, to add value to the world, to bring our best talents to the table, to connect, to strive, to be stretched. That is the opportunity that work gives us.

Too often people look at work as what they have to do in order to get what they want. That’s a limited, narrow view. Work does have benefits like paychecks and career advancement, but we should be working for more reasons than those. When working we are taking our skills and using them for something of importance. We are serving others; We are creating beauty, connection, and a better life for people.

It's a shame that work is seen as boring, annoying, forced and unhappy. It shouldn’t be that way, It should involve energy and excitement.

How to Create a Good Mood

Emotions are fickle creatures, and difficult to control. But there are ways to pick yourself up instead of wallowing in the muck. It requires a conscious choice to feel better about a situation.

Start by rationalizing why it was okay. aka. look at the bright side. So if someone bleaches your favorite shirt, well think of how fun it will be finding a new favorite! Or you get a speeding ticket, well you are donating to the police force. In every situation, there are potential lessons to be learned, or there are benefits in some way. If you couldn’t go to the movies because you couldn’t find a babysitter, well you got to read books to your kids instead. Some people drive us absolutely crazy with envy because they always seem happy! Either they’re good liars, or they’ve learned the discipline to joyfulness. They look for the little patches of sunshine scattered throughout the dark valley, or the yummy chocolate chips in that horrible homemade carrot cake. Your turn: look for the positive and you will find it!