What’s In Your Hand?

Don’t think just because you don’t have the same skill set, or can’t do the same things as others, that you have nothing to give. There are plenty of excuses; too old, too young, too poor, too busy, but there are many ways to serve.

It’s the problem of too few options. People don’t help because they forget that their unique abilities are important and needed. Everyone can serve, it just looks different in each situation.

I heard this example used of What’s In Your Hand?

What do you have to give?

Can you write a note? Can you run an errand for someone? Can you sing? Sew? Give speeches? Do you have money? Time? Ideas? What do you have to offer? Don’t think its not good enough, sometimes the smallest act of service can be a huge blessing.

Humans are a needy bunch and it’s good to care for each other, and offer what we have. Service looks different for everyone and there are plenty of uses and needs for your skills and resources. So don’t withhold them just because you haven’t stopped to consider what you are capable of.

My Birthday Gift to Me

When I was in grade school I had over 30 'PenPals'. I received almost 3 letters a day! Needless to say I was a prolific writer/conversationalist. Up to this year, I had saved every letter. As a project for my eighteenth birthday, I mailed hundreds of letters back that I'd received. Those letters contained girlish dreams, likes and dislikes, experiences and challenges from each friend growing up. It was an incredible opportunity for me to give those memories back. It was also a way for me to reconnect with some friends from the past, and thank them for the happiness they had brought me. Those childish scrawls were first important to me because of the relationship they established, and they're now cherished because they provide each friend with a link to the past. Those friends had blessed me while growing up, and I was able to do the same for them by returning a piece of their childhood.

My birthday gift I gave myself, was the chance to say thanks. We all have people that should hear that, and more often too.What better time than on your birthday??