Why nothing is sometimes the best thing for you to do

I spent an hour the other day sitting in the kitchen with a cup of tea and staring out the window. I had no book, and no specific concepts tossing around in my brain. It was pure and total relaxation. Afterwards I felt energized and inspired just from giving my mind a break from the constant, high pressure demands that it usually shoulders. Our minds are constantly on. We lay around (resting our bodies) but we’re watching television, surfing the internet, texting, talking to people, and thinking rapidly. How often does our brain get a break? Not very often.

Sometime today, be still. Sit down and allow your body AND mind to relax. You’ll be amazed at the calmness and rest you will experience.

Clarification about Exercise

Working out is not painful, it's uncomfortable. There's a difference between discomfort and pain. Pain is when you dislocate your shoulder, or scrape your knee. Discomfort is when your heart rate is up, and you are sweaty and tired. Pain is when you burn your hand, discomfort is when your muscles are sore and shaky.

Pain is your body is sending signals that something is dangerous and hurtful to your body. Working out is generally not dangerous or harmful, so we can come to the conclusion that the feelings we experience are not those of pain, but instead those of discomfort.

Learning the distinction can help a lot with training. We can recognize when we are not working hard enough and when we are overdoing it.