You can't run...

We are each locked inside our own personal cage of fear. Fear that “I’m not worthy, or not enough. Fear that I’ll miss out, that I won’t be loved, that I’ll fail” These fears are self imposed and self destructive. They will hold you back more than any circumstance.

  • Fear is powerful. It can lock you up for years. Many souls that were once brimming with potential are now leading lives of quiet desperation sitting paralyzed in their cages of self doubt.
  • Fear is the opposite of love. (not hate: hate is a manifestation of fear) fear will rob you of your ability to love.
  • Fear is deadly. It will stifle your purpose and kill your dreams.

You can’t run from your fear, but you can fight it. Don’t remain a prisoner to fear any longer. An unfulfilled life is a cost too great.