Real work

Real work, is bringing value to the world, not just doing what your boss tells you to do. Real work is seeing needs for other people and filling those. It's not pushing papers or punching a time clock. Real work is creating something that will benefit others. Something they will value and appreciate.

But to do real work you have to care. You have to care about people, and creating change. You have to want to and work to matter.

It’s your decision

Unless we live in solitude with no human interaction, our choices whether we like it or not, affect those around us, especially our loved ones. If we choose to eat unhealthy, avoid exercise, and otherwise not take care of ourselves, we’re not the only one to suffer the repercussions of that. Someone will have to be sad that we’re sick, take care of us and then later in extreme cases, lose us. If we’re in a bad mood, we easily make those around us feel miserable as well. If we work all the time, our children and spouses will be lonely and missing an important piece of their lives.

What we do impacts more than just us.

How will you affect others?

You decide.