Shopping Marathon

Sales, bargain shopping, and clearance rack purchases make us feel great about spending money. But how often have you gone shopping solely for the purpose of buying things because they were a good deal? Forget about whether you actually need them or not, everything is 30% off! what purchase isn't justifiable when its buy one get one? Maybe you can sell the other on EBay and make a couple dollars or..... maybe you'll pass a homeless person on the street who really needed that electric 4 speed blender and that shiatsu foot massage/ipod dock in one! Okay that may be a bit exaggerated, but you smile because you've been there. Confession time..... So have I, and the results were disastrous!

I would like to tell you a story.

There is a thrift store that I frequent and they were having a 50% off sale. It was a particularly dreary winter day and I drove out to the store when I could have been snuggled home reading a book! but 50% off everything was too good of a sale to pass up and apparently EVERYONE else thought so too. The store was crowded and the lines for the dressingroom were endless. So i had the brilliant idea to size up everything that caught my eye, decide if it would fit me without trying it on and head home with it.

Bad Idea.

I proceed to check out with a huge cart of clothing and after slowly and painstakingly ringing up each item and bagging it, the particularly unhelpful and automatic sales clerk is ready for me to pay. I hand her my credit card and she tells me they dont accept that card. Great. of course I dont have cash on me, so I ask if she will hold the stuff until tomorrow and i'll pay for it then. No deal. So I rush out and drive to the nearest bank, get the desired cash and return. I stand in line for the second time so she can slowly ring up everything AGAIN. I pay and proceed home with my purchases, annoyed by the process, but happy with the results.

Once home i try everything on and of course there were quite a few returns. So i march in the next day on a mission to return things and leave. Well not so fast.... The uninformed clerk gives me her own version of store credit. Every rejected item that i'm returning must be replaced with a similar item thats exactly the same price. That took me forever and I ended up leaving with a couple ill fitting items again. For some reason i ended up paying her MORE money before i left the store for the second time.

The third trip was the charm. I finally got it right and left with only items that fit me. But that was the shopping trip of the year. What a fiasco!

Moral of the story..........

1. Shop because you need to, not because there is a bargain. Chances are you will end up spending more money than you actually save.

2. Always try things on and carry cash!