How To Achieve Your Perfect Wedding Day

The Bridal Magazines always talk about your perfect wedding day. Unfortunately, they’ve got it wrong. Perfect is boring. On your 25th wedding anniversary, your family and friends won’t reminisce about how the limousine arrived on time, the seating arrangements were perfect, the napkins matched the tablecloths, and the music selection was flawless.

No, they’ll tell the stories of what happened that wasn’t according to plan. The mistakes that stressed you out most on your wedding day will be the things that you and others will laugh about and remember.

How the best man, and father of the bride were late to walk the bride down the aisle.

The church candle lit a small fire in the auditorium.

A groomsman passed out during the ceremony.

The bridesmaids shoes dyed the bottom of the wedding dress.

The pianist played the wrong processional piece

These are the stories that will be remembered, that will bring joy and laughter as people remember all the mishaps.

It’s a happy reminder that although a wedding is a sacred ceremony, It’s also just a gathering of people. Of family and friends who are awkward, funny, real, quirky and wonderful.

Although it seems horribly unfortunate that such things could happen on YOUR special day, that’s much closer to the perfect day you should be looking for. Your perfect wedding day is not the flawless day that the magazines portray. It’s your own day full of happy memories. Hey those brides are all airbrushed anyways ;)