About me

  • I've played piano for 11 years and won various competitions. I have played for weddings, funerals, graduation ceremonies and social gatherings. My brief attempt at teaching young children, taught me how much patience is required for that task!
  • As the oldest girl of 9 children, I quickly learned how to take care of a family, and have since acquired talent for efficient cleaning and organizing.
  • My family and I took many trips together all up and down the east coast. Most often these trips were to Florida and Virginia, where we visited historical areas. I learned how to amuse myself and 8 other children for hours with no wiggle room..... many humorous stories and great memories resulted from that!
  • Being home-schooled from elementary through high school, I taught myself for the better part of my education. I learned how to study without the help of a teacher and with no adult direction. I read a lot; Old magazines, history books,and self educating curriculum. Although finding motivation for math and sciences was difficult, I enjoyed and excelled in areas of history, reading and english.
  • I dabbled in random things - ancient Greek, travel soccer, and performing in musicals. I've even attempted tap dancing, and scrap booking!
  • I graduated early, after deciding I would learn more by starting life, instead of just studying it.
  • I then worked as a doctor's assistant where I learned many valuable skills.
  • Throughout this I continued to read extensively and read 50 non-fiction books in one year
  • Now I have transitioned into working as a client manager for a branding and marketing company.

Life is exciting right now, full of new opportunities and challenges all the time. I'm learning, changing, and growing and it's a wonderful experience!