Taken to the extreme

Undesirable characteristics are often just good characteristics taken to the extreme. For example: Contentment is good, apathy is not. Ambition is good, desperation is not. Everything must be tempered, which is difficult to achieve but not impossible. What’s your strongest and best characteristic? Often that’s your greatest help and your greatest hurt.

One Simple Step to Advanced Productivity

It's such a simple concept, but you will experience significantly more productivity and completion when you do this one thing: Tackle daunting tasks in sections.

In Organization: Clean out one drawer.

In Business: Write one page of that report

In Life: Work on developing one good characteristic.

Once you have those accomplished. Do another, then another, then another.

We often become overwhelmed by the sheer volume and complexity of the tasks involved in a project. But once broken into small action steps, it’s only a matter of time before your crossing that doozy off your check list!