Are you willing to do the work?

Social skills- you’ve either got them or you don’t. You can talk to anyone with that million dollar smile and charismatic charm, or you mumble your way through life with your head down.

Or at least thats what we thought… we thought it was something you were born with, something like body structure or eye color. But the truth is, those who work hard consistently win out over those who are just naturally talented.

Social skills are exactly that. Skills. They can be practiced and learned much like anything else. You can teach yourself how to think about people, how to  present yourself, how to speak well, ask good questions, be tactful and avoid awkwardness. With effort you can develop an irresistible personality, and it's really only a question of whether you're willing to work at it.

Why Children Captivate Me

Children are beautiful. They haven’t lost the wonder and excitement of life.

They’re curious, inquisitive, delightful little creatures.

They’re fascinated with simple things that we scarcely notice.

They aren’t afraid to ask questions.

They aren’t ashamed to be needy and helpless.

They’re transparent.

Their needs are obvious and simplistic.

They’re honest and unapologetic.

They trust.

The charm of children is inexplicable to some extent, but part of their magnetic draw is in their simplistic and straightforward nature. Children only remain as such for a short time, so we should celebrate and nurture their delightful qualities while they are so prevalent and spontaneous.