Be Honest and We Will Love You for It.

People talk about honesty all the time. "Be honest," they say. "Tell me what you really think." But when we talk about honesty, we often talk about it in terms of the negative. Be honest with how you're feeling, about how someone wronged you, or even about what you did that you’re trying to hide. My question is, how often do you speak your mind when you notice something positive? I would argue that people are far more apt to say what they really think when it’s negative or critical. People are quite able to voice how they’ve been wronged, and why what you did was NOT a good idea.

Often, in an effort to avoid awkwardness, no one will tell you the positive things you might mean to them. Of all the areas where we should be most transparent and most vocal, is in the area of positive encouragement. It should not be embarrassing or rude to say what you think when it will build up the other person. When others make you laugh, tell them! When they encourage or bless you, tell them! When you respect, admire, value or appreciate someone, give that person the satisfaction and joy of knowing it. You will not only increase the connection between the two of you, you will spur  her (or him) on to be better. I’m convinced that if people chose to remove their filter for positive comments, and chanced the awkwardness to tell a person his or her value, we would all be less apt to feel discouraged, unappreciated and unloved. The next time you notice a good quality in someone, tell her what you thought. Be honest! And watch her face light up.