"You carry yourself well" What does that even mean?

"Carrying yourself well" Seems rather ambiguous but it's really just the physical manifestation of inner confidence; Head held high, looking people in the eyes, speaking clearly, and smiling brightly. Quite honestly, your body language impacts how people view you much more than what you say.

Perhaps in your next interaction, you should worry less about what you’re saying and take time to consider how you present yourself.

Who are those people?

Who are your champions? Who supports you? Your dreams, principles, lifestyle, goals. We all need people that believe in us. The people we can come to with a crazy dream, and they will be excited to help make it happen. Who has unwavering confidence in you? Who will stand by your side through any endeavor, believing that you can accomplish your goals? Who are they? Who are those people? Because you owe them the world.

Your world.