No Food?

I get home after a long day and I’m scanning the cupboards, rifling through the refrigerator mumbling “There’s never any food in this house” I’m quite certain others, especially teenage boys have uttered those same words. But ‘no food’ to me is.....lunch meat, uncooked chicken or hamburger, a variety of vegetables, bread, fruit, and leftover meals. There’s even condiments, spices, and flavorings in the cupboards!

What I really mean is, there’s nothing that appeals to me. Or nothing that’s quickly microwaved and ready to eat. There isn’t a steaming hot supper of roast beef and mashed potatoes waiting on the table for me. But no food? I’ve never wanted for food, and I don’t think any of you have either.

We may not get a hot dinner every night, but we sure have never gone to bed with aching bellies. hmmm.... maybe we should stop and think next time we act so ungratefully.