An Unusual Hero

The world defines greatness as power, money and prestige. But God defines greatness as servanthood. He said those of you who wish to be great must first become a servant to all. My dad has been an incredible example of selflessness and servanthood. He has loved and served my family with everything that he has. All his energy has been devoted to us and our needs, never once thinking of himself.

With a family of 10 kids there is plenty of extra work and he is always willing to help. A typical day for him would start at around 6am. He works his day job, and comes home in the evening, ready to help with any cooking, cleaning, counseling, discipline, or childcare that is needed. He always finds time to love and encourage my mom. Weekends you wont find him golfing or watching sports, but rather he will be tackling house projects, driving kids to events, showing up at school programs or piano recitals, and cheering at soccer games.

This may not seem like a glamorous life, but the amount that he gives of himself to others, will be worth more than all of the exciting opportunities he missed.

They say you can never fully understand the amount your parents sacrificed for you until you have children. Maybe i don't truly grasp how much he has given, but i do know that he has held nothing back.

When my dad's work on earth is finished, when he stands before his Creator, he will be told, well done good and faithful servant.

Here is a hero. Mark Hilton, one who has given everything to serve the Lord and others.