A scary place to sit

If you're competent with something you should move on. If you aren’t feeling discomfort and uncertainty with what you're doing, then most likely you should be doing something more difficult. Competence is nice, but a scary place to sit. You are capable of more than that. You should always be moving forward, and if you stop too long to enjoy competence, then you stop growing. On the other hand, discomfort and unfamiliarity is where you grow the most. You should (within reason) seek out that feeling of discomfort because it is stretching you.

And when you are stretched; when you do more than you’ve ever done, and better than you’ve ever done, thats where you will feel achievement and success

Clarification about Exercise

Working out is not painful, it's uncomfortable. There's a difference between discomfort and pain. Pain is when you dislocate your shoulder, or scrape your knee. Discomfort is when your heart rate is up, and you are sweaty and tired. Pain is when you burn your hand, discomfort is when your muscles are sore and shaky.

Pain is your body is sending signals that something is dangerous and hurtful to your body. Working out is generally not dangerous or harmful, so we can come to the conclusion that the feelings we experience are not those of pain, but instead those of discomfort.

Learning the distinction can help a lot with training. We can recognize when we are not working hard enough and when we are overdoing it.

It's Just Outside

Success is just outside of your comfort zone. What you want, (relationships, money, prestige etc) won't be achieved without a bit of discomfort. Sometimes that discomfort involves a total change in your approach and procedure, and other times, it involves working harder at what you're already doing. Whatever it is, your not going to attain what you want without taking those difficult steps to get there.

Guaranteed those steps will be just outside of whats comfortable for you. So if you want what you don't have, are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone and go get it?