You can't run...

We are each locked inside our own personal cage of fear. Fear that “I’m not worthy, or not enough. Fear that I’ll miss out, that I won’t be loved, that I’ll fail” These fears are self imposed and self destructive. They will hold you back more than any circumstance.

  • Fear is powerful. It can lock you up for years. Many souls that were once brimming with potential are now leading lives of quiet desperation sitting paralyzed in their cages of self doubt.
  • Fear is the opposite of love. (not hate: hate is a manifestation of fear) fear will rob you of your ability to love.
  • Fear is deadly. It will stifle your purpose and kill your dreams.

You can’t run from your fear, but you can fight it. Don’t remain a prisoner to fear any longer. An unfulfilled life is a cost too great.


Someone else's vision should not be limited to what you think is possible. We can’t put restrictions on the future. Anything our human mind can dream up, is possible, we just have to find a way.

So don’t miss the opportunity to believe in other people’s dreams, and when they become a reality, you will have had the privilege of helping to create and support that vision.

Why work is NOT a necessary evil

Everyone dreams of avoiding work, but work is where we find fulfillment! To create, to add value to the world, to bring our best talents to the table, to connect, to strive, to be stretched. That is the opportunity that work gives us.

Too often people look at work as what they have to do in order to get what they want. That’s a limited, narrow view. Work does have benefits like paychecks and career advancement, but we should be working for more reasons than those. When working we are taking our skills and using them for something of importance. We are serving others; We are creating beauty, connection, and a better life for people.

It's a shame that work is seen as boring, annoying, forced and unhappy. It shouldn’t be that way, It should involve energy and excitement.

Are we there yet?

How will you know that you have arrived if you never knew what your destination looked like? The answer is, you won’t.

We all have goals, and dreams we are looking to achieve and an idea of the person we want to become. We may casually think about it, or possibly even ruthlessly pursue it.

But as we are moving forward, if we fail to contemplate where we came from, and how much we have grown, we always feel like we aren’t reaching our goals and we aren’t the person we want to be. We never feel closer, because we don’t know how far we’ve come. So sometimes its necessary to look back in order to see the path forward more clearly.

Also we can work very hard to get somewhere and not even recognize that we've arrived. A good method to prevent that from happening is to visualize success. You discipline yourself to imagine what success will look like, how you will feel, and condition yourself for that moment. So that when you do get there, you'll experience what you knew you would, and you will be ready to recognize and celebrate!

Why you have no idea what to do with your Life.

Does it seem like everyone has a different opinion for what you should do with your life? I was reading this book called I could do anything if I only knew what it was By Barbara Sher. I did an exercise in the book which revealed a lot to me. The author was explaining that our life goals and dreams are often veiled by what we believe is expected of us from others. We have a sense of obligation and responsibility to please certain people and their idea of what we should do with our life. Most often these expectations that we feel forced to, are subconscious. We don’t even realize they exist. So the exercise was to discover and write down what I thought everyone in my life wanted me to do with my future, whether they outrightly spoke of it, or not.

We tend to make assumptions that people are placing expectations on us, when often they actually don’t have an opinion. It’s not necessarily what these people actually want you to do that’s hindering you, it’s often what you think they want you to do.

So I started by making a list of people who were influential in my life. I then took each of those people and thought through my interactions with them. I analyzed deep down what I thought it was they wanted for me. In my mind, every one of those people had an opinion. and to my surprise, quite often a lot of their ideas and wishes for me conflicted. It was hilarious to see all the ridiculous assumptions I had made and how impossible it would be to follow through with them.

This exercise was extremely beneficial for me, because I was a people pleaser. I always wanted to be viewed well and I didn’t want to disappoint others. So I was desperately trying to please everyone (or so I thought) and being miserable myself in the process. All the subconscious conflicting messages I was receiving whether legitimate or not, were creating a significant amount of confusion and frustration in my life. I was so busy trying to follow the map supposedly outlined for me, that I hadn’t discovered what my true passion and purpose was.

Often we read into things too much. We don’t even realize it, but subconsciously we receive messages that we internalize as other’s wishes and desires for our life. We make assumptions which if put into words are laughable! Certain individual's actions and words unconsciously made you feel as though they had a veiled desire or purpose. But they were probably quite innocent and had no intention of projecting that idea upon you.

So take the time to recognize all the noise and confusion within yourself. Identify and discard those assumptions which you created in your own mind and that will free up space for you to discover your purpose.

My Birthday Gift to Me

When I was in grade school I had over 30 'PenPals'. I received almost 3 letters a day! Needless to say I was a prolific writer/conversationalist. Up to this year, I had saved every letter. As a project for my eighteenth birthday, I mailed hundreds of letters back that I'd received. Those letters contained girlish dreams, likes and dislikes, experiences and challenges from each friend growing up. It was an incredible opportunity for me to give those memories back. It was also a way for me to reconnect with some friends from the past, and thank them for the happiness they had brought me. Those childish scrawls were first important to me because of the relationship they established, and they're now cherished because they provide each friend with a link to the past. Those friends had blessed me while growing up, and I was able to do the same for them by returning a piece of their childhood.

My birthday gift I gave myself, was the chance to say thanks. We all have people that should hear that, and more often too.What better time than on your birthday??