How To or How Not To?

If a gymnast wants to become elite, she would never dream of   spending hours analyzing and watching people who can’t even manage to do a cartwheel. No, she would intently study amazing gymnasts, those who knew exactly what they are doing and who could execute moves with skill.

She would watch enough of “This is how NOT to do it” to be aware of what bad form looks like, but she would never focus on that. She wouldn’t just watch those that are failing, and then try to succeed by doing things her own way with her own ideas and techniques. (Reinventing the wheel)

She would seek out good role models to emulate.

We as critical people have a tendency to do that though. We intently watch those who are doing things incorrectly, and determine that we certainly won’t be like them, but yet we fail to seek guidance from those who are doing things right. Sadly by being reactionary, we are only going to create our own version of “bad form”

Be aware of what not to do and learn from other’s mistakes. But focus on the methods which brought success to others and then pattern yourself after that. You will find results much quicker by observing and copying good, than you will by watching and reacting to the bad.