12 Ways to Live in Mediocrity

1. Worry about what others think of you 2. Refuse to do more than what's expected

3. Make excuses

4. Accept "that's just the way it is"

5. Don't do anything that rocks the boat

6. Don't ask questions, or make suggestions

7. Do what you're told without thinking

8. Complain about your life and do nothing to change it

9. Be complacent and careless

10. Constantly try to please everyone

11. Don't bother thinking about tough subjects or learning new ideas

12. Keep having the same arguments over and over again without solving the problem

With these thought processes (or lack thereof) you'll be well on your way to a life of misery. Oops did I say misery? I meant mediocrity ;)

It's not you, It's me.....

Excuses are common when people leave a job or a significant other. Rarely does a disgruntled employee or boyfriend give his real reason for leaving. (Unless they have a fiery temper and just want to get revenge by spouting off.)

We all tend to avoid painful or confrontational moments, and it’s all too easy to fabricate some silly reason which everyone knows is illegitimate, to avoid having to address the real issues.

It takes unselfish, objective consideration to gently share what went wrong when you’re already on your way out the door. You won’t benefit from the new policies or the changed attitude, but you are giving your aggravator the opportunity to understand what went wrong and then to (hopefully) not repeat that mistake.