The "Wow Factor"

The term the "Wow factor" was well described by Michael Hyatt. He said that it's the gap between expectation and what you actually receive.

An example:

Going to an after hours care center here are my expectations: comfortable, quiet sitting room with a TV and some magazines, I expect to fill out a lot of paperwork, wait for about 40 minutes before being called to the back where the doctor will appear and disappear sporadically with long waits in between. They will give me a diagnosis and a prescription and i'll leave.

I  recently visited a different urgent care center and was blown away by the service I received. The waiting room had huge fish tanks and water fountains, a child's play area, and free coffee. The receptionist took us immediately, filled out our paperwork for us, and sent us directly back. We were sitting with the doctor within 8 minutes and had her full attention for a good 20 minutes while we figured out what was wrong. Within a half hour, we had left with a solution to our problem, and a fantastic experience at the doctor's office.

Was all that necessary? Maybe not, but because they exceeded our expectations, we were super grateful, happy to refer them, leave feedback, and promote them. We now drive an extra 25 minutes when we're sick to visit this same establishment.

Seek to provide more value than people are expecting, give them the opportunity to be "wowed".  It will create satisfied and loyal customers for your business.

Are you disciplined when no one is watching?

When you’re out to dinner with friends and they know you’re on a diet, your not going to splurge on that chocolate cake. Or if you do, you will feel the need to justify it. If you have a workout partner, you aren’t going to consecutively miss 3 or 4 workouts. Or if you do, you will feel guilty.

It’s definitely good to have people or checks in place so you stay true to your decisions.

Yet, try taking those away and see how you do. You might be surprised at how little self discipline you have. You might be shocked at how much you rely on other’s expectations of you to keep you consistent. I know I was.

Freedom of Expression

Your ideals and principles in life should and will line up with the people that influence you, although your specific life goals and choices won’t be exactly the same. It’s important that you remain consistent and purposeful with maintaining strong moral standards which will guide your life. Within that strong framework, however, there is room for plenty of creativity! Feel free to express yourself differently than what is the typical, expected route and don’t allow the opinions or criticism of others to deter you from a life that is fulfilling, right and good.