Ask Yourself Why

I was taking a walk with my little brother and he kept asking me questions. Why are the rocks in the river?

Why are we taking a walk?

Why is there a path?

etc... you get the idea

This is something that we should continue long into adulthood. Learn to ask yourself Why. Ask why about your emotions, ideas, intuitions. Once you have that first answer, ask why again, and then again, and again. Until finally you will have come to the very bottom of the issue. You may be surprised what you find!

For example:

Why do I not like to be teased? Because I feel threatened by it

Why do I feel threatened by it? because the teasing usually has an element of truth

Why does truth in teasing bother me? Because it shows me that others see my faults

Why don’t you want others to see your faults? Because I’m embarrassed.

Why are you embarrassed? Because I want others to see me as perfect.

Now we could continue on... but you get the idea. I just discovered that I didn’t hate other’s teasing me because I thought they wanted to be mean, but because I simply have an unrealistic wish to be perfect. Once you can begin to recognize these things about yourself, you will be better equipped to handle your emotions. So ask why over and over again until you discover the true reason, not just the surface feeling.