What are you really feeling?

We tend to rationalize things in our life and force ourselves to feel a certain way. We can be angry and upset, and then look around us and say what right do we have to feel this way? While this is a good reality check and helps us to have perspective, sometimes it's healthy to look at a situation and ask how do we truly feel about this?

Forget about what you are supposed to feel, or how others think you should feel, and ask yourself what are you really feeling? You may feel hurt because a friend didn't call when rationally you know that they're busy. You should recognize that it's not rational, but you still need to acknowledge those emotions.

If you feel a certain way, you may succeed in talking  yourself out of it, but it would be beneficial before you do that, to consider and get to the bottom of why you felt that way. If you never acknowledge how you are feeling, eventually your emotions will get tired of always being forced aside and they will rebel. That could create a nervous breakdown or worse. And It’s much better to deal with emotions as they come, then working through years of emotion all at once.