Is God Overbearing?

So often people perceive God as an overbearing parent or a dictator who doesn't want them to enjoy life, or have any fun. The standards and guidelines that we follow seem to squelch all good times and interesting experiences. A couple thoughts on this: First off, God could have created us as robots who were unable to do anything contrary to his will. Yet, he allowed us the freedom to choose how we would behave. Dictators typically force everyone to obey them.

Secondly, almost all children at some point thought their parents wishes and commands to be outrageous, overbearing, and ridiculous. As a child we wanted to do what we thought was best. (8 year old wanting to do backflips off a bicycle) now looking back, we are thankful our parents imposed rules and regulations for us to follow because they were for our own good. We didn't understand the repercussions of our actions, and were hardly wise enough to make good decisions about our safety or any number of issues.

This is what God does for us! He has given us guidelines and commands to follow that are like a manual for the human body. Think about it, if God created this body then obviously he knows what is best for it, and under what circumstances it will function optimally. Would you question the manufacturing company of Toyota cars as to whether you really need an oil change? of course not! They know what 's best and we trust them. We are allowed to do whatever we want, but we choose to follow the recommended course in order for things to work well.

God has placed these laws for us to follow so that we are functioning at our highest potential. He as a concerned parent, watches out for us and our well being. He in his wisdom withholds things that would be detrimental long term, and gives us that which will help us to grow in every way healthy, strong and saintly.