Give and Take

Sometimes you give love - sometimes you reciprocate affection already offered Sometimes you give gifts - sometimes you appreciate as you receive them

Sometimes you serve - sometimes you say thank you as you’re served.

Both sides of the equation are important but one has to come before the other. My hope is that you take initiative to create more love and joy in the world while still benefitting from what’s already there.

Why are you worthy of my attention?

So often, we go through a process when scoping out a new casual friend that is utterly selfish. We rarely think of others and how they would benefit from a conversation and smile. Instead this is generally how it goes: We start out by judging.

first we judge their appearance, (clothing, hair, body type)

then we judge their personality. (smile, friendliness, social graces, and charm)

We also take into consideration their social status and what type of people gravitate toward them. No one wants a social liability on their hands!

Once the candidate has passed these preliminary tests, then we consider them worthy of our time and attention.

A better procedure would be to see each new face as an opportunity to be a blessing. To start out with an end in mind, to discover not whether they are deserving of your friendship, But why they are.