Would you just try?

Pushing a weighted sled at the gym, with 585 lbs on it, wasn't what I woke up that morning to do. In fact I was just going to get in a quick workout and leave. But my trainer friend had other ideas for me... so as I was struggling with the weight, digging my heels in, and straining every muscle to move, I heard a "wow I could never do that" from a fellow gym person. Something clicked in my brain. Like the last piece of a puzzle, locking in perfectly; for a moment I wouldn't forget.

I never could have done that either.... except I tried.  

Things become impossible, only when you decide that they are. I opened up my mind to the possibility that my slender frame could indeed move that weight, and I asked myself -Can I do this? My answer was "maybe, let me try" the result was a feeling of elation as I surprised even myself when I could and did.

The simplest truths are often the most profound, and we don't give them justice. "You can't unless you try" is a cliche that lost its novelty a long time ago, yet we still haven't learned the truth from it.

You are capable of SO much, but you will never know the extent of that, unless you explore the outer edges of "impossible".

Do something that feels unconquerable, put your heart into it. Give yourself an opportunity to prove what you can do.

A simple step to sticking with your new year resolutions

When your resolutions aren’t specific, it’s extremely difficult to stay true to them. Therefore, do NOT phrase your goals this way: Eat healthy and workout this year.

That means every day you skip the gym, every time you eat anything fried, you’ve failed. That makes for a lot of dismal failures and you become burnt out long before you finish the year.

A better way to write your goals: Workout 3x per week, and eat fruits or vegetables with every meal.

See the difference?

If you make goals that are specific as well as realistic, then you will feel guided and accomplished and you will stick more firmly to your resolutions as the year progresses.

Happy Goal Setting! :)