Uncomfortable? Good!

Life is full of pain. Oftentimes the greatest things come right after

exhaustion, hard work, ugliness, and pain. Childbirth, workouts, learning curves etc. Don't avoid discomfort. Embrace it, and appreciate that  you are growing, your mind is expanding, and you are experiencing life.

You won't fully appreciate happiness, comfort and ease unless you've known whats its like to hurt, to fight, to struggle and to succeed.

Coffee Shops

A coffee shop embodies so many great things. Productivity (meetings and work) Happiness (friendship, dates) Comfort (food, hot drinks, warmth) Relaxation (reading, sitting). People go to a library to read, an office for a meeting, and a restaurant for food. It's a unique establishment, however, that encourages all of these things to happen in the same place. I don't even drink coffee, but the atmosphere is enchanting enough, that I find myself frequenting coffee shops regularly. Good thing, they expanded their drink selection!

Discovering Dreams

Do you honestly know what you want or need? Because if you don’t, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get either. If you don’t know yourself very well, if you don’t ever take time to wonder and discover who you are, you won’t have the clarity to even pursue what would bring you happiness. True, there are people who will know and understand you sometimes better than you do yourself, and they are valuable companions to have. You cannot, however, rely on them to figure your life out for you. Because you are unique, you see the world slightly different than anyone else. You see it through your own particular lens. Your lens is colored by your experiences, thoughts and personality. So when it comes to what your dreams are, there will be few who can determine that for you. it’s your responsibility to discover that for yourself.