What Cars and Shoes Have in Common

So although I am not an expert on men by any means, I am attempting to provide an “enlightened” woman’s perspective on a man’s world. The subject is cars. Men understand all the different models, makes, gadgets and features of cars, and they love to talk about them. I’ve been in many conversations where I’m bewildered by the jargon thrown around. I’m completely unable to decipher the conversation, and sit there hoping not to embarrass myself. When I find myself in situations like that, I have a new appreciation for how guy’s must feel as women chatter on and on about wrap dresses, stilettos and sequins. Although I’m easily confused, I make an attempt to understand and learn when I’m in a conversation about cars. There is something fascinating about all the details and it’s a bit more complicated than skinny jeans and lace I must say! An interesting tidbit I discovered, is that guys feel about their cars, the way women feel about their shoes. If I have a particularly smashing pair of shoes, it’s exciting when others notice, and that’s exactly the same feeling guy’s get when they’re complimented on the horsepower of their particular ride. Cars are their way to enjoy good quality, decoration, and nice things.We have our bangles and baubles and guys have their Mustangs and Mercedes-Benz. Appreciate that those are so vastly different, and yet still similar!