The Chief Fan of Your Potential

He had warm eyes, a firm  handshake and a great  laugh. He laughed often and infectiously. He had a way of presenting an idea (no matter how profound) as though it just came to him in that moment. He was professional with a touch of humor and familiarity. “Always a pleasure Miss Bethany”  This was  my  mentor Jeff Newland.

He didn't see people as they were, he saw them for what they could be. He was truly:

"The Chief Fan of Your Potential"

A note from Jeff to me:

Bethany, I think in the future you will still be dreaming of incredible things… but I think they will be the incredible things that others fortunate enough to know you will be seeking to accomplish with your support and wisdom. You will care about those things like you care about what you’re doing right now. Remember to surround yourself with people who need you to be at your unique and special best. Keep going Bethany.. I love what’s coming.

At that time, my focus was personal excellence. I wanted to be as close to excellence in every area of my life as I could be. I wanted to be smart and successful,  to create a great life for myself, and achieve all my goals. Those weren’t wrong ambitions, but there was something missing in this perfect little life….

Other people.

Now quite a few months later, I know what he was talking about in that note.

A star wants to see himself rise to the top, while a leader wants to see those around him rise to the top. -Simon Sinek

I want to introduce you to the new “Miss Bethany”

I believe when individuals with potential are convinced of the possibilities of their value, they will take action to reach their greatness.

I purposefully champion individuals with potential.

 Jeff not only saw that I was capable of giving that to others, he did that for me. He showed me my potential and supported my growth.

What a beautiful gift: To believe in someone until she believes in herself.

Thanks to a wise and caring individual, I had the guidance I needed to take steps toward  becoming my best self, in order to give my best to others.

My wish for you, is that you too can understand your unique value and feel supported to bring that to the world.

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.” -Edmund Lee

Why it’s important to face your past

All of us have painful experiences from our past, perhaps we were bullied at school, or lost a loved one, or even something as simple as a rude comment can be very hurtful Sometimes in our efforts to be strong and protect ourselves, we fail to process those experiences. At that time, we don’t have the capacity to logically reason through how we feel while we’re in those circumstances. So we batten down the hatches, and do our best to wait out the emotional storm.Then once it’s over, we do our best to forget it ever happened. We want to get on with our lives and avoid reliving the experience by dragging it up again after it’s over.

The danger in doing that is: all unresolved issues will come up again.

In order for us to be healthy, whole individuals, we need to work through our past and come to terms with it. That can involve having difficult conversations, confronting people from your past, or that could merely be you sitting down and talking about how you feel, what you experienced, and how you will choose to deal with the pain and baggage that created.

You may not have had control over those circumstances, but you have the control now to be strong and to face your past, and to not let it affect your future. This is a painful, difficult, and often ugly process. But you either avoid your past and become handicapped by it, or you face your past and become freed from it.