"You carry yourself well" What does that even mean?

"Carrying yourself well" Seems rather ambiguous but it's really just the physical manifestation of inner confidence; Head held high, looking people in the eyes, speaking clearly, and smiling brightly. Quite honestly, your body language impacts how people view you much more than what you say.

Perhaps in your next interaction, you should worry less about what you’re saying and take time to consider how you present yourself.

Why (although you tip well) you still aren’t giving enough

The car wash employee, the cashier at the local grocery mart, the waitresses and cleaners and gas station attendants. Do we even see the people that are serving us? Do we look them in the eye, notice their name, and make a connection with them? Or do we avoid eye contact, mumble our thanks and tip them like we should. We have an opportunity there to stand out, to recognize their humanity and to truly appreciate their service. If we looked at it like a friend doing a favor for us, instead of a random stranger just doing their job, we could create a much happier experience for everyone.

Those people who are washing our car, serving our food, and picking up our garbage are adding something to our life, they are making it happier, easier or better. Of course we tip them and say thank-you. But do we ask how their day is going? Do we treat them as individuals?

Think of it from the other perspective. When you get a server at the restaurant who’s extra kind, who remembers your children’s names, and makes the effort to not just “do their job”, but to see you as important and valued, how do you feel? I know I get a little glow, because it was unexpected, above and beyond what the job demands. We can meet them halfway though. They don’t need to just brighten our day, we should try to bring sunshine to theirs. You would be surprised at the friends you’ll make, the stories you’ll hear and the happiness you can create by truly seeing the people who are serving us and making every interaction not just another dull exchange, but an experience.

It’s your decision

Unless we live in solitude with no human interaction, our choices whether we like it or not, affect those around us, especially our loved ones. If we choose to eat unhealthy, avoid exercise, and otherwise not take care of ourselves, we’re not the only one to suffer the repercussions of that. Someone will have to be sad that we’re sick, take care of us and then later in extreme cases, lose us. If we’re in a bad mood, we easily make those around us feel miserable as well. If we work all the time, our children and spouses will be lonely and missing an important piece of their lives.

What we do impacts more than just us.

How will you affect others?

You decide.