To-Do Lists

I’ve always been the queen of the ‘To-do’ list, and figured I had a good system since I could furiously cross items off my list.Yet I noticed an interesting pattern in my life. I did indeed complete whatever went on my list. The only problem was, I never actually finished the list. (for me that was torturous because I love the feeling of completion.) Every day I would jump out of bed ready to tackle my list, and at the end of the day, I would either have added new things, or still have pending projects. So I would transfer everything to a clean sheet of paper and start over the next day. I was never done.

So I started scheduling. Instead of  having a constant running list of things that needed to be done, I would put projects on my calendar. They had a specific date assigned to them, so I didn't have them on my list and I didn't need to worry about them until that day.

This saved me a lot of stress because I stopped feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things I wanted to accomplish. Now I can actually finish my entire day’s work and rest knowing that I completed what I set out to do. It’s a great feeling!