Gel pens and jeans

I was 11 years old, taking violin lessons. I had a 12 pack of multi colored gel pens and a pair of sparkly jeans. My teacher was nice, but reserved. When she told me that she loved my jeans and that I was her very best student, I was so touched that I went home and wrote it out in my different colored gel pens. I have saved that piece of paper to this day.

I don’t play violin anymore, in fact I haven’t touched a violin in years, but her words of encouragement stuck with me.

If you were to ask, I could tell you of many times throughout my life when people have said things that impacted me. I’m sure you can too.

Words are powerful, and you never know, maybe words you said to a friend will be carried throughout her life to encourage and motivate her for years to come.

What I Learned From No.

We all have moments in our lives where we think “I’m so glad my mother never let me do that ” Whether it was playing video games all day, dropping out of school at 13, or riding your bicycle without a helmet. Whatever, it was, we can all be grateful for a mother’s wisdom and guidance. So thanks Mom for not letting me............

buy Jeans for $50. That taught me to spend my money wisely.

Have whatever I saw in the checkout line. You taught me to avoid impulse buying.

Have a boyfriend at age 12. I learned that dating should be purposeful and serious.

  • Take whatever medication prescribed by the doctor. It taught me to research and ask questions.
  •   Eat junk food to my hearts content
  • Go tanning
  • Leave my room a mess
  • Wear makeup at 8 years old
  • Drive with teenagers
  • Stay up all night on the weekends
  • Gossip
  • Watch hours of television
  • Swear

Thanks Mom for not letting me Say, Do, Eat, Go, Wear, Watch, or Experience, anything that I wanted, whenever I wanted. It set me up for success in making my own decisions.

So here’s to my mom and the times she said No!