Better choices, better results

There are good or bad consequences to every action however small. After eating a cookie or jogging a mile, you won’t see immediate results. However each of those cookies and each of those steps in your sneakers were moving you (however slowly) towards or away from something. Towards health or away from it. Each and every choice we make moves us closer or further from our desired lifestyle or character. My guess is that if we had the foresight to make every decision based on future consequences of that decision, we would all make better choices.

Why it’s alright to cheat on your “diet”

You shouldn’t beat yourself up if you have one meal without all the nutrients you need. The healthiest mindset is for you to recognize that you’re going to be eating healthy for the rest of your life. It’s a lifestyle, not a month long quick fix. And consistency is what’s going to get you where you want to be.

That one meal won’t make or break your healthy lifestyle. But when you consistently eat unhealthy meals it will.

Small things add up, and the more consistent you can become with feeding yourself good foods, the closer you will be to your health goals

Who are those people?

Who are your champions? Who supports you? Your dreams, principles, lifestyle, goals. We all need people that believe in us. The people we can come to with a crazy dream, and they will be excited to help make it happen. Who has unwavering confidence in you? Who will stand by your side through any endeavor, believing that you can accomplish your goals? Who are they? Who are those people? Because you owe them the world.

Your world.