Keep Moving

Music should be like life, it just keeps moving. No matter how many notes you missed; no matter if you completely lost your place, you keep playing. Never stop in the middle of a piece, or go back; push forward. It’s better to hit wrong notes and continue going than to stop and replay the correct notes.

With life, we don’t even have the choice to go back and do things over. So keep looking ahead and focus on moving forward it’s our only option, and the best one at that.

The Universal Language

Music is a universal language. No matter what your native tongue, a musician can speak to you and say things that you understand without words. You hear emotion within music. You can hear turmoil, sweetness, sadness, longing, excitement. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy music. It speaks to a person differently than words do, but it has a similar affect on the mind, and soul.