Real work

Real work, is bringing value to the world, not just doing what your boss tells you to do. Real work is seeing needs for other people and filling those. It's not pushing papers or punching a time clock. Real work is creating something that will benefit others. Something they will value and appreciate.

But to do real work you have to care. You have to care about people, and creating change. You have to want to and work to matter.

3 Things All Humans Have In Common

Differences are exciting because they give each of us an exclusive identity, but our similarities are what connect us as people. As human beings, we have a number of things in common.  Occasionally, it’s a good idea to forget our differences, and reflect on what we all have some understanding of by virtue of our common experience.  We all have - 1. Emotions 2. Needs 3. Desire for self-preservation

With these things mutually experienced by all, it takes little work to find connections, sympathy and similarities with any person.