Keep Moving

Music should be like life, it just keeps moving. No matter how many notes you missed; no matter if you completely lost your place, you keep playing. Never stop in the middle of a piece, or go back; push forward. It’s better to hit wrong notes and continue going than to stop and replay the correct notes.

With life, we don’t even have the choice to go back and do things over. So keep looking ahead and focus on moving forward it’s our only option, and the best one at that.

Pretend Your Best

In piano performance, you never dwell on past mistakes. Once you've moved past that botched up section, or that measure where you hit only half the notes, you automatically forget the past, and continue forward with confidence. You never allow the mistakes previously in the piece to affect the rest of it. Seconds after  you stumbled, you forget so completely, it’s like it never happened. At the end of the piece, no matter what, you pretend as though it was your best performance.

Apply this principle to your life, and guaranteed you won't be as paralyzed by your past.