"That was just practice"

Zig Ziglar said  “Be hard on yourself and life will be easy; but be easy on yourself and life will be hard” If you’re disciplined, you’ll reap rewards regardless if you ever succeed with what you were trying to do.

Remember that diet you actually finished? Or when you spent the week focused and productive at work because of a deadline? Maybe you didn’t see the results you were hoping for. Maybe you didn’t make your deadline, maybe you didn’t lose that last ten pounds. But don’t despair! The sheer mental work it took to control and train yourself to do the right thing will stick with you long after the project failed. You recognized what you were capable of, and your mind “muscles” got stronger.

That mindset turns those seemingly failed attempts into a success of sorts. It became no longer all about the results, but about practicing and building the character qualities you need to be successful.

Think of it like a little kid playing table tennis. He swats the ball and it hits the net and rolls backwards. He looks up cheerfully, and says "Okay, now we're playing for real." That just now? Yeah, that was just practice.