Have Enthusiasm!

Have enthusiasm!

It's such a valuable principle which is so simple and with a little conscious effort can become part of who you are.

Enthusiasm is contagious. You can encourage and uplift someone who is having a bad day just by your own excitement for the day. If you greet someone with a wide smile and a genuine excitement that they're there, its almost impossible for them not to be affected by that. Excitement and enthusiasm for life will make those around you feel it too.

Love life, and those around you will learn to love it too. They will look forward to seeing you, and start to reciprocate that excitement. If you can make someone feel valued, important and worthwhile, you have made a friend. Every personality is different and everyone shows their enthusiasm just a little bit differently, but we can all recognize when someone is genuinely happy to see us. it takes so little to communicate that, and so little to make someone’s day happier and brighter. It’s a shame we don’t take advantage of that huge opportunity more often.

It's an upward spiral because the more enthusiastic you are with people, the more they are with you, and then that makes you feel good, and you become even more enthusiastic, and you keep going up and up. There’s no way of knowing the limits of that!

It’s all you

We often share our frustrations and woes with those we are close to. This can be beneficial to get the advice and encouragement of others, but we cannot rely too much on others to help with our problems. Quite often, when we are unsatisfied with something about ourselves and our lives, we are the only person who can make any changes or make things better. If it’s circumstances that we can’t change, then we are the only person who can decide to change our attitude and come to terms with the situation

If it’s something that we do have control over, then we are the only person who can decide to make the steps necessary to fix or resolve the issue.

Friends, family, and advisors can all be extremely helpful as catalysts for change, but we have to move ourselves if we actually want things to improve. No one else can do that for us. That’s an encouraging principle as well as a scary one. We do have the ability to control our actions and to improve our lives, but with that comes the responsibility to not complain about our lives, and instead take the actions necessary to create the change

Pretend Your Best

In piano performance, you never dwell on past mistakes. Once you've moved past that botched up section, or that measure where you hit only half the notes, you automatically forget the past, and continue forward with confidence. You never allow the mistakes previously in the piece to affect the rest of it. Seconds after  you stumbled, you forget so completely, it’s like it never happened. At the end of the piece, no matter what, you pretend as though it was your best performance.

Apply this principle to your life, and guaranteed you won't be as paralyzed by your past.