Dress for Success

Its important that when interviewing or working somewhere, you dress just a step above everyone else. You should dress for the position you want, not the one you have. When you feel great and you look put together, you send that perception to those around you. People will make assumptions based on how you look. So what assumption do you want them to make? That you are sloppy, or careless? or that you are classy, and professional? Clothing says a lot about a person. Have your clothing reflect who you truly are.

Why Should you Care About Good Posture?

Posture is something that our mothers always harped on, but we couldn’t see the value in it. Who cares? Well you should care now. Not only is it unhealthy to have bad posture. (your literally squeezing your organs), but it’s uninviting and unattractive. I looked around a cafe one day and saw not one person sitting up straight. They were all hunched over their lattes or slouched back with their pastries.

Bad posture gives the appearance of slovenliness. You can have a great outfit, but if your shoulders are up around your ears, and your back is all curved forward, you won’t look very professional or appealing at all. We automatically think of teenagers with their slouching around, not looking up, and not standing tall. But there are few adults that can manage to sit up straight.

Another sobering thought. You wonder why some old people are all twisted over and bent forward? It has to do with gravity to some extent, but my guess is, they didn’t listen very well when their mother told them; Sit up straight! Stand tall!