Why Woman Stay

Love is powerful, and can be a marvelous thing, but it can also destroy you. Domestic violence is so disturbing that even those of us hardened by gruesome battle scenes from movies, when we see violence from a man to a woman he supposedly loves depicted on screen, we are repulsed and shocked. Man was designed to protect, to be strong, fearless and powerful. Those were assets he was given to bestow his love and protection on the weaker frame of a female. That’s why we all love the old romantic movies where the hero races after the damsel in distress to rescue her. We love to see men use their power for good.

Yet those gifts are sometimes twisted, and distorted into something horrifying. When a man turns those forces toward the woman that trusted him to protect her, that’s sickening.

There are many woman who are victims of this, and yet they stay with the man who hurts them. It seems baffling, but then I heard a woman who was physically abused for years give a speech. What she said cleared up the mystery of why woman continue to endure abuse.  She said “I didn’t think I was abused. I thought; this is a sick man, and I’m the only one who can help him.” She loved him so much that she was trying to help him while he was destroying her.

Sadly, this thinking although it’s clearly self deceiving and incorrect, it isn’t uncommon. There are many more women just like her. Women who are afraid to stand up for themselves, afraid to betray their loved one and afraid to move on to a better life.

We pity them, but we can do more than that. We can help these women by working to educate and empower them; educate so they’ll have the wisdom to leave, and empower so they’ll have the courage to.


Why Boys Love Video Games

Why are guys so fascinated with video games? Women enjoy media, internet and television just as much as any male. There’s a hidden appeal, however, to the virtual gaming world that’s specific to men only. Within every man there’s the desire to be a hero. He wants the opportunity to do fabulous things, to rush in and save the day, to be the knight in shining armor. That’s why little boys instinctively ‘protect you from the bad guys.’ They are Superman one day, and GI Joe the next. Men were also designed to protect their interests with brute force when needed. They find it exhilarating to smash through walls, race through corridors, and hunker down to defend their stronghold against attackers.

Video games give guys that feeling of being a hero. Within these games they accomplish great feats of strength and finesse, they protect their interests and conquer their enemies. There are other elements that appeal to men also, but beneath that, they are basking in the opportunity to feel masculine and heroic.

I’m not necessarily even condoning video games, since there are obviously ways to actually be a hero, and not just pretend. It is good, however to give that form of entertainment a little perspective. Although I can’t quite understand the enjoyment derived from being glued to a screen with little minions shooting each other, I can appreciate that men have a built in desire to protect and to be a hero.