Leading up

When you “lead up” you haven’t been given the title, the permission or the responsibility to lead. What you’ve done is you’ve taken initiative. You have voluntarily shouldered the responsibility, and you’ve given yourself the permission. You lead regardless of whether it’s your job.

Leading isn’t easy or fun. But you do it anyways. Not for recognition or rapport. But for those people that need you to step up. For the work that needs your expertise. And for yourself so at the end of the day, you know you gave the best you were capable of.

You lead because that’s who you are, whether your business card says it or not.

You are a leader

Instant Email, Instant Access?

How many times do you check your email? Focus is very important for accomplishments, and constant interruptions kill productivity.

Some of the biggest disruptions to productivity are emails, phone calls, and text messages. Somehow we think that people need instant access to us. When that phone rings or email pings, we think it's our responsibility to stop everything and focus our attention on the perpetrator of that message. We are scared we're going to miss something important, and we love to feel busy without tackling the huge projects, so we email and email and email more.

Communication is vastly important, but a good practice is to be proactive and not reactionary. This applies in all of life, as well as email. Take control of your life and your communication devices. Don't let them control you. You decide what is urgent, and what should have your instant attention.

Discovering Dreams

Do you honestly know what you want or need? Because if you don’t, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get either. If you don’t know yourself very well, if you don’t ever take time to wonder and discover who you are, you won’t have the clarity to even pursue what would bring you happiness. True, there are people who will know and understand you sometimes better than you do yourself, and they are valuable companions to have. You cannot, however, rely on them to figure your life out for you. Because you are unique, you see the world slightly different than anyone else. You see it through your own particular lens. Your lens is colored by your experiences, thoughts and personality. So when it comes to what your dreams are, there will be few who can determine that for you. it’s your responsibility to discover that for yourself.