She took a chance on you

I once heard someone say that having a child is like having a piece of your heart walk outside of your body. What a picture of how closely a mother’s life is intwined with her child’s! There is very little that compares to the grief a mother experiences when her baby is struggling. She is fiercely protective of her child, and every hurt he experience, hurts her still more. If he chooses to make bad decisions that break her heart, it’s like watching her own body self destruct and having no power to stop it.

Having a child is saying yes to many wonderful things like life and joy, yet also saying yes to the possibility of heartbreak. We should all recognize and appreciate the risk that our mother took when she decided to take a chance on sacrifice, worry, and hurt, to bring you into the world.

Has it been a good gamble for her?

Serena Williams and the Olympics

I was watching Serena Williams play her final round of tennis as she was fighting for the gold medal. It was inspiring to watch the determination, and focus during the match. You could see on her face the energy and passion that it took to get her to that moment. We can only imagine what she has sacrificed, struggled and done to be on that court in those final moments of the match. We see the exciting part. The acclaim and honor showered on her. We see everything she gained from getting there, but i wonder what she lost. How many fun times, relationships, activities, family time, how many of those things did she choose to give up for her dream? She had just as many hours in a day as we do. She had the same pressures of family, finance, education, friends, entertainment. She just chose to allocate her time to something that was important to her. Was it worth it? Did she win or lose by getting to this place? We will never know. But we do know, that her dream was realized, and for the effort and sacrifice she put into it, she deserves to be recognized. We must applaud the complete devotion and commitment that she chose to give. She was focused, disciplined, tenacious, passionate, and diligent. That’s what turned a tennis match into a lesson for us about character qualities, and the cost of cultivating them.