Words from John Cusak

Say anything- one of the sweetest chick flicks from the 90’s. The character Lloyd’s older sister is slamming things around in the kitchen and Lloyd asks her “how hard is it to be happy? How hard is it to just decide to be happy”  The moment slips by and the movie continues, but that's actually a great question.

How hard is it to decide to be happy? To halt your negative thoughts and choose to dwell on what is good and lovely. How hard is it to change your mind and decide that you won't have a bad day just because it started out that way. Two people looking at the same circumstance can have very different emotions regarding it. Most often it’s a choice.

Given one day, what would you do?

You are given a day in your life. Just one. That's all you get. You can do anything, say anything, and be anything. Use your imagination.

Some people given that one day will go to exotic locations and have amazing experiences. They will pack into that one day as many happy and wonderful things they can think of. They will entertain themselves, and amaze themselves and do and see everything they've ever dreamed of.

While others would take that same day to...

To say the things that have never been said, to give whatever they could, to invent, to love, to impact. And to forever change the lives of those around them.

And how would you use that day?